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Together with our core group below, BOW has more than ninety team members and associates that include award winning filmmakers, musicians, scientists, professors, teachers, sailors, sustainable digital development specialists, ambassadors, strategists, and administration.


Having begun a career as a semi-professional diver, Terence joined the film industry becoming a Special Effects Cameraman and has now been a Director of Photography, while also specialising in underwater filming, for the past forty-five years.

As well as recent shooting credits such as TV series ‘Strike Back’, ‘Star Wars – The Last Jedi’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ he has also amassed over a thousand hours of underwater work including filming oil pipelines from diving bells and submarines, shooting underwater sequences for TV dramas and commercials, several documentary series around the world and underwater sequences for movies such as ‘Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger. Having witnessed the steady degradation of our oceans over the past fifty years, Terence felt compelled to act in some way to help prevent disaster. Consequently, over the past six years, he has established Blue Ocean Watch.

Terence is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Yach International Music Video Awards in Poland. He is a sailor, holds a Private Pilot License and has flown extensively in Europe, Africa and America.   

Terence Bulley

Founder and Chairman

Alexander is Associate Professor at LIU, the Climate Change and Research Associate at Harvard University where he leads a project on the impact of climate change on ecosystem health and the economy in the last millennium. Alexander has worked in 25 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. A master diver, he has conducted many underwater environmental and historical surveys in every continent. He routinely consults with Fortune-100 companies on climate and economic growth and leads communications for his initiatives at Harvard, LIU and for Blue Ocean Watch. 

Prof. Alexander More

Educational Programming and Communications Director      

Sparrow has more than two decades of experience in business development and strategic collaboration with a specialization on early-stage ventures. Her work has received numerous gubernatorial commendations in the U.S. Following the sale of her most recent venture to IRONMAN, Sparrow is now dedicated to helping BOW attain measurable business objectives for their partners and clients.  

Sparrow Rogers

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Over thirty-five years of executive management and financial leadership as Global CFO and country CEO in the automotive industry (Renault and Nissan), in the energy industry (AREVA) and engineering and construction industry (SNC-Lavalin).

Alain-Pierre now contributes his time and expertise to advise and support projets in the field of sick or disabled children and teenager’s education and healthcare and in the field of sea life preservation educational actions. He also advises a sustainable investment fund.     

Alain-Pierre Raynaud

Strategy Advisor

Michael Davies is an English lawyer, having qualified in 1973. He has a bachelor’s degree in Law from London University and an MA in Art History from the University of Buckingham. In addition to London, he has worked and lived in France, Dubai, Cairo and Warsaw. He has been resident in Poland since 1991 where he was for many years a partner in the international law firm of Allen & Overy. He continues to advise on projects in Poland and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. He is qualified as a divemaster and holds a licence to operate a power boat under UNECE Resolution 40

Michael Davies

International Lawyer

Swiss born Regula has been a primary school teacher since 1975, has brought up four children and lived and worked in Switzerland, England and France.

Her dedication to fairness and the rights of children together with her innovative and stimulating approach to teaching has always made her an esteemed member of teaching staff. Attached to the educational group Regula will assist in the creation of programmes for the younger ages.     

Regula Bulley

Education Advisor

Janina was inspired to write ‘123 Who's Cleaning the Sea’ - A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet (Early Childhood Concepts) because of her concern for our environment. She is passionate about fighting climate change and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants.
German born Janina studied communication & illustration design at university and after graduating with a degree, moved to Paris, where she lives with her English husband and her two daughters.
Janina created the illustrations for the BOW video 'The Song of Life' relating to sound pollution affecting whales.
As an artist, she feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings. “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference.”

Janina Rossiter

Illustrator and Author

Lan is a social psychologist and communication specialist. With her extensive expertise in the psychology of conflict and organizational conflict coaching she crafts social solutions for social dilemmas to sustainably resolve conflicts. In her role as an agent of change she worked in a variety of settings, ranging from the private sector and government to grass root civil society initiatives focusing on communities and environments at risk. Lan lectured and conducted research at Columbia University and the Warsaw School of Social Psychology and is a former Director of the International Centre for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution ICCC in Warsaw as consultant to governmental and non-governmental organizations, bringing a strategic approach to solving complex social dilemmas. Lan will share her knowledge and expertise in these domains for the benefit of BOW.

Lan Bui-Wrzosinska 

Social Innovation Advisor

Engineer, Firefighter and Politician, Oskar is part of the 2019 National Council elections for the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland and for the FDP party St. Gallen. Oskar is a dynamic change maker who believes in informing all generations about the impact of the human race on our planet and what each of us can do to reverse the tide.

"Only if we combine ecology with economy and technology, can we be ecologically sustainable."    

Oskar Seger

Head of BOW Swiss committee

A past life in media production as an award-winning film maker and photographer, Oli leads Research at Skyscanner and is Principal Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design where he is Director of the Future Interactions group. An expert on designing interactive systems and information architecture consulting for industry and governments across Europe and the US, he is an internationally renowned researcher, author and practitioner of Interaction Design and UX (User Experience) Design specialising in local and remote collaborative activity and emerging technologies.      

Dr Oli Mival

Digital Director

Formerly Production Designer and Director on many Hollywood movies and commercials, has worked with Sea Shepherds for whom he designed and built equipment for recording and logging the incidents of aquatic mammals trapped and killed by Pacific drift nets.
Guy has been working on BOW with Terence Bulley since the start. 

Guy Greville-Morris

Writer, Film Director, Engineer
Head of Research & Development

Earle has designed, produced, conceived and directed for over two decades. As a film maker, he has directed Bono, Madonna, Massive Attack, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, is on-going creative director for Alicia Keys and also collaborating with her for a documentary in Africa for Keep A Child Alive, a global non-profit. For many years, the Black Ball in NY has been designed by Creative Director Earle Sebastian and he will oversee all BOW fund raising events

Earle Sebastian


Professor of media and ICT sociology at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, France. She holds degrees from the Sorbonne University, Stanford University and the Annenberg School for Communications (University of Pennsylvania). She is a specialist of Cultural Diversity, Internet Governance and Media and Information Literacy (MIL) as well as a researcher in the media uses and practices of young people. She holds the UNESCO chair “Savoir-devenir in sustainable digital development: mastering information cultures”.

Author of more than 25 books and numerous journal articles and reports, she is a globally renowned researcher and one of the world experts on Media and Information Literacy.   

Divina Frau-Meigs

Media and Communications Director

Currently fundraiser for one of New York’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. Sara has a vested interested in environmental conservation and preserving the planet’s biodiversity and has experience spanning the sciences, teaching, and fundraising campaigns.     

Sara DuPont


Miguel is a seasoned sail captain, used to leading large and multicultural crew. Eight years involved in Sail Training, and since commanding large sail yachts of more than 50 metres including square-riggers up to four-masted Barquentine.

Having overseen large refits, Miguel has himself built several classic rigs such as the Brigantine Cyrano. Culturally restless he was also involved in archeological expeditions in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.   

Captain Miguel Melero

Strategy Advisor      

Former Laser sailing champion he then qualified and worked as a Captain and is now a Yacht broker in Monaco.     

Max Bulley

Maritime Advisor

Armando is co-founder of and partner at Trovero and at Scensei. He is a tech entrepreneur with a background in computational social science, bringing analytics and decision support to clients through AI-driven social simulation. He earned a D.Phil. in political science from the University of Zurich, worked as a researcher in computational social science in various positions in Manchester, UK, and Washington D.C., and held a Visiting Fellowship at Columbia University. Armando also earned working experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Basque Country and Northern Ireland.

Dr. Armando Geller

Digital innovation Advisor

As a British Airways Boing 747 Captain for thirty-two years, John’s expertise is mainly in logistics and business management (BSc Hons).

However, over the past few years, working with Terence, he has specialised in script development and co-production agreements, particularly international co-production treaties, tax incentives and government-funded schemes.
A founder member of BOW, John is passionate about producing films that can make a difference.

John Pert

Fleet logistics

Formerly a Naval officer for 25 years in the Portuguese Navy, João was largely devoted to communications and information systems and international and interdepartmental cooperation and, more recently, geared to the sustainable development of the ocean and coastal areas.

He is founder and CEO of Blue Geo Lighthouse Ltd focused on the sustainable development of the Ocean and Coastal Areas, including maritime surveillance.   

Captain João Fonseca Ribeiro

Strategy Advisor

Sergio Ribeiro e Silva is an Assistant Professor specialized in Naval Architecture, whose relevant previous experience includes simulation based ship design and advanced hydrodynamics of oil spills at sea. He will value-add to the team because he had large exposure to Industry while serving the Portuguese Navy for 21 years and more recently as CEO of a company that provides naval architecture and offshore engineering services. Sergio Ribeiro e Silva has a large experience in teaching and research supervision at Technical University of Lisbon and Newcastle University, including analytical, numerical and experimental applied research of the hydrodynamics of different types of floating offshore structures, which are of significant practical interest to BOW.

Sergio Ribeiro e Silva

Assistant Professor specialized in Naval Architecture


Sebastian is examining the impact of climate change and pollutants on marine organisms and ecosystems, with particular focus on tropical and cold-water coral reefs. He explores how past events have impacted upon marine ecosystems and organisms, examining how organisms have adapted to survive in a wide variety of present-day systems, and uses aquaria experiments to predict how future projected changes and pollution will impact organism fitness.

Dr. Sebastian Hennige

Marine Scientist at the University of Edinburgh

Dan is a marine ecologist specialising in remote marine fieldwork. His research focuses on coral reefs and the people who depend on them, and he has broad ranging interests spanning coral reef ecology, small-scale fisheries, tropical marine conservation and marine biogeochemistry. A highly experienced diver, he has been involved in managing remote marine expeditions for 15 years, during which time he has introduced more than 5000 high school and university students to the wonders of the underwater world. Dan also holds an honorary lectureship at Essex University and is a research associate at Oxford University.

Dr. Dan Exton

Head of Research at Operation Wallacea

Sian Henley is a marine scientist at the University of Edinburgh, working on changes in ocean chemistry and ecosystems in the Arctic and Antarctic in response to climate, sea ice and ocean change. In summer 2019, Sian joined a team onboard the research ship RRS James Clark Ross to examine the impact of sea ice losses in the Arctic on microscopic plants (phytoplankton) and animals living in the water and at the seafloor of the Barents Sea. Understanding these effects now will help scientists to predict future changes as sea ice losses driven by climate change continue.

Sian Henley

Marine Scientist 

With a background on Biology and PhD in Environmental Sciences, teaching Marine Ecology and Water Pollution to the Environmental Engineering Master Course.

Paula has developed research in microplastics since 2008, and coordinated the “Microplastics and persistent pollutants – a threat to marine life” funded by the Portuguese science agency. She was the national coordinator of the European project MARLISCO, (EU FP7 SiS) on awareness and co-responsibility towards the reduction of marine litter in the European Seas. 

Professor Paula Sobral

Professor at the Department of environmental Sciences of FCT- University of Lisbon

An expert in knowledge exchange, innovation, marine industrial impacts, & benthic ecology. Raeanne connect scientists, policymakers, businesses and communities to support sustainable industry, economic and social development with cutting-edge science.
With BOW, her research focuses on how underwater sound pollution affects invertebrate larvae and how they are delivered to both natural and man-made reefs – she is particularly interested in the role of underwater sound as a ‘beacon’ for larvae, signalling that they are close to ‘home’, and helping them find suitable habitat.

Dr. Raeanne Miller

Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS)       

Lydia studies the impacts of ocean acidification on coastal marine invertebrates. She holds two prestigious postdoctoral research fellowships from United States National Science Foundation and European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action.

Currently she is working in Institute of Marine Sciences, Barcelona, in Spain  and studies the impact of coastal ocean pH variability on larval development of the Mediterranean mussel.

Dr. Lydia Kapsenberg

Marine Scientist

Murray's research activities are working to advance understanding of the biology and ecology of cold-water corals and provide the information needed for their long-term management and conservation.

Professor J. Murray Roberts

Professor of Applied Marine Biology & Ecology at the University of Edinburgh.

David has over 25 years’ experience. His expertise focuses on coastal zone management (CZM), marine policy and strategy, biodiversity conservation, fisheries management, tropical marine ecology, marine mammals, environmental, social and strategic impact assessment (ESIA/SEA), marine spatial planning (MSP), offshore industry oil and gas and marine renewable energy.

Dr. David Medio

Marine Environmental Scientist

Stephen is at Queens College (City University of New York) and has been investigating past climate and oceanographic changes during times (16- 45 million years ago) when CO2 was as high as what is predicted for this century (450-1000 ppm). His research has taken him on expeditions around the world, including four to Antarctica, one of which he was project leader.

His most recent expedition explored the potential eighth continent of the world called Zealandia around 94% of which is underwater, in which he was part of a team of 30 scientists from around the world that recovered sedimentary cores up to one kilometer below the sea floor that were deposited from the time of the dinosaurs. 

Professor Stephen Pekar

Professor of geology

Currently professor at University of Algarve, Portugal having acquired a Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Lisbon and a PhD at the University of Reading (U.K.).

Former pioneer in the field of marine contamination and ecotoxicology in Portugal, Maria João has worked for the National Commission for the Azores Acoustic Fixed Range (AFAR) and for the National Institute for Fisheries Research (present IPMA).

At an international level she integrated the Portuguese delegation that negotiated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is currently a member of the Group of Experts on the Regular Process for the Evaluation of the State of the Marine Environment including the Socio-Economic Commission of the United Nations.

Professor Maria João Bebianno

Marine Scientist

Silvia’s background is in scientific research with a strong commitment to ocean conservancy.
She is part of Ocean Alive, a Portuguese NGO with a mission of transforming behaviours for ocean protection through marine education and the engagement of local coastal communities. She is responsible for implementing the Ocean Alive educational program, which is embedded in a sustainability project, “Keepers of the Sea” which empowers women from the local fishing community in the protection of the habitat they depend upon, the seagrass meadows.     

Dr. Sílvia Tavares

Marine Biologist

Observational Physical Oceanographer with a B.Sc. (Astrophysics, University of Edinburgh) a M.Sc. (Physical 23Oceanography, University College of North Wales) and a Ph.D. (Ocean Inverse Modelling, University of Liverpool), Joined the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences in 1990 and then the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Professor Stuart Cunningham

Principal Investigator in Physical Oceanography SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science)

Kenny has published 72 ISI peer-reviewed journal papers on topics
ranging from organic chemistry to modelling environmental impacts of aquaculture.    

Professor Kenny Black

Principal Investigator in Marine Ecology SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science)

Formerly Director for Research at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Angela is also Chair of NERC Science Board and a member of the RCUK Individual Merit Promotion Panel and the G7 Future of the Oceans Science Advisory Team. She has been awarded two NERC fellowships, a Challenger fellowship and is an elected fellow of the Society of Biology and the Scottish Association for Marine Science. Professor Hatton's research interests focus on microbial biogeochemical processes and their impact on climate and marine ecosystem function, with a specific interest in marine biogas production.   

Professor Angela Hatton 

Director of Science & Technology – National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

Anuschka teaches science communication and leads the SAMS communications team that delivers web development, media relations, filmmaking, social media, publications, branding, marketing, public engagement, event management.
Committed to ocean literacy and conservation, she also conceptualised, developed and now directs the Ocean Explorer Centre in Oban, Scotland.

Dr. Anuschka Miller

Marine Biogeochemist. Head of Communications and Director of the Ocean Explorer Centre, SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science)

Rita is research fellow with the Task Force for the extension of the Continental Shelf & Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere responsible for all communication and outreach activities having conceived and implemented the strategic communication plan especially designed to reach different target audiences. Main responsibilities included developing communication materials and events flyers website dissemination sessions attendance at events. Coordinating the production of five stop. Has coordinated the production of five marine related short films and five animation videos for children / teenagers and has developed work in several marine related fields including fisheries environmental impact assessment and service conservation and resource management.  

Dr. Rita Costa Abecasis

Marine Research

A graduate in marine biology at Newcastle University, Amelia has completed numerous fieldwork surveys including Protected Species Surveys for Arcus an Environmental Consultancy based in York, UK, worked on the Shark Tagging Programme in Southampton (NOC), The Katellios Group (Cephalonia) working with Loggerhead turtles within the nesting/hatching season and is a dive master.

Amelia Cody

Graduate Marine Biologist

Birna has a BSc in biology from University of Iceland and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and is a certified diver. Formerly project manager for EarthCheck Environmental Certification at the West Iceland Nature Research Center (NSV), park ranger and deputy manager at Snaefellsjokull National Park, West Iceland and member of the Conservation Area Team at the Environment Agency of Iceland.

Birna Heide Reynisdo

Marine Biologist

With a Degree and a master’s degree in marine biology, Carla has lived in Faial since 2002, where she worked in the area of Azorean Artisanal Fisheries, being responsible for more than 10 years for a series of actions and publications of scientific dissemination, namely in the area of promotion and certification of Azorean Artisanal fisheries and Seafood. In recent years she has developed a more dedicated work on environmental education, dissemination and communication of science, as a marine educator in the Centre of Science of the Sea Observatory of the Azores. 

Carla Dâmaso

Marine Biologist

Biologist and researcher from MARE – Marine and Environmental Research Centre from the University of Coimbra (Portugal), with a background on Marine Ecology and a PhD in Biosciences. Her current research focus is related with the assessment of the effects of microplastic pollution on marine and coastal ecosystems. In parallel, she is involved in several outreach activities and science communication initiatives (seminars, workshops and pop-up exhibitions) related with ocean literacy and plastic pollution. She also uses the photography as a tool to communicate the issue of microplastics.
She was the winner of the best photo (category macro) of the Clean Seas Campaign, from the United Nation (UNEP), with the photo entitled SeaPlasticSea

Filipa Bessa

Marine Biologist

A research fellow at the IMAR-Azores, Ana holds a PhD in Ecology and Biosystematics, from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon. She is involved in several R&D projects related to the deep-sea environment and specializes on hydrothermal vent ecosystems, the trophic ecology of deep-sea systems, benthic ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Ana Colaço

Marine Scientist


Multi award winner and world-renowned marine life photographer, Ellen’s incredibly sensitive and emotive images are vital in the pursuit of conservation of marine life and education about our oceans. In June 2017 she addressed heads of State at the United Nations highlighting the plight of photographers and filmmakers engaging in protection of the oceans. Ellen has a master’s degree in modern history and education and as a Fellow Explorer International, is a member of the Flag & Honours Committee of the Explorers Club. She is also Curator of World Ocean day by United Nations Image competition.    

Ellen Cuylaerts

Underwater & Wildlife Photographer

Camera technician and Cinematographer, his list of movie credits testifies to a passion and dedication for a fast evolving media. Also being a talented Stills Photographer, his comprehension of lighting, content and composition is invaluable to the communication of our program’s content and documentaries. He is a diver, a father and speaks four languages.     

Lars Richter


Roger is an award winning director and producer of over 300 hours of movies, series, tv movies, in domains such as fiction, scientific documentaries, historical documentaries and Special Venues Theater films using breaking technologies like Douglas Trumbull Showscan™.     

Roger Wielgus


Of German origin, Dörte has been living in Portugal for twenty years. Having studied film editing, she nowadays works as a 1st assistant director on mostly commercials.

Convinced that all of us influence the situation on planet Earth, she organizes beach clean-ups in her spare time, but feels the need to do much more. Dörte believes that there is hope, but that the time to act is now.     

Dörte Schneider


Dixie has worked all over the world as a freelance filmmaker for most of the major European and American television networks including Discovery Channel and National Geographic. 

Dixie Dean


Writer / Director / Photographer François started his career in the eighties as advertising copywriter in agencies such as Havas or RSCG and in the nineties began in film production, making commercials and corporate films. Now with over 300 films to his name, he has extensive experience in filming techniques, styles and writing and also a good understanding of communication channels, which make him a kind of chameleon at ease in many visual needs

François Habert


As Director of Photography, Jason has worked in over 65 countries designing and shooting sequences underwater, in the air and on the ground and in some extremely challenging environments such as the Arctic circle, various deserts and three trips to North Korea. Warner Brothers employed him as underwater camera operator on Harry Potter.  

Jason Bulley

Offshore Operations Director

Born and bred in Kenya, natural history film maker specialising in the underwater world, formerly worked with Oceans Below Video Production Company producing official PADI promo videos, has also directed and filmed documentaries from the remote northern coast of Kenya to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. He is also an accomplished music producer and score composer with a string of releases and remixes on well know record labels.  

Jahawi Bertolli

Professional Diver & Underwater Cinematographer

An experimental Psychologist by training (MA Hons), Chris is a former writer, producer and director of BBC award winning documentaries, on scientific, technological and medical topics. He subsequently became involved in the launch of the UK’s Channel 4, and in 1985, he founded a highly successful international independent production company, which produced over 400 hours of programming for major broadcasters around the world.

Chris served on the Advisory Board of the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership and in 2008 was appointed Senior Science Advisor to Discovery’s Science Channel.  

Chris Haws

Film Maker and Media Consultant

Known for his editing work with George Lucas, having worked for five years at Lucasfilm Ltd. His film editing credits include Star Wars: Episode 1 –“The Phantom Menace”; “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” (3D)for Disney; “Behind Enemy Lines”, starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson and many more.

Paul Martin Smith

Post Production Consultant

Frédéric has produced eight movies, line produced and managed over twenty other films and produced over two hundred commercials. In 1993 he co-founded KanZaman Films in Monaco and has been responsible for many productions in the South of France and Morocco. His experience is huge and Frédéric and Terence have known each other since 1991.   

Frédéric Bovis

Producer / Distributer

Highly motivated and results focused Film Producer who gets a kick out of creative problem solving. She has a master’s degree in ‘Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries’, has sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean on a research journey to measure the plastic debris and she became a PADI Dive Master to further explore the deep blue and to use it within her profession as a filmmaker.

Jennifer Gelin


His work has been broadcast on Nat Geo Wild, BBC, Outside Television, CBC and received recognition at various international film festivals.
He produces films with integrity, serving to both educate and inform the general public about environmental issues. Michael was part of a scientific Arctic expedition, documenting the effects of climate change, which sailed under ‘Flag 101’ of the renowned Explorers Club, of which he is a Fellow.
He is a founding Navigator of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute focusing on coral reef restoration, research on coral resilience, and ocean education. He recently produced the technical framework for “Reefs Go Life!”,  a live underwater interactive educational broadcast program for children around the world.   

Michael Maes

Extreme Wildlife Cinematographer

A Director of Photography and Camera Operator on movies and television series, lecturer at film schools including IIIS, ESRA, ETTIC, FEMIS, CIFAP ENS Louis Lumière, EICAR (BTS audio- visual) and heads various committees and evaluation programs relating to leading-edge camera technology. 

Françoise Noyon


Having trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Jeffrey has been acting in theatre, films and television for most of his life and was appointed Resident Director at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Scotland.  

Jeffrey Daunton

BOW narrations and presenters coach

Eric was the founder and President of "DOLPHY Observatory" between 1992 and 1995 and the Tursiops group since 1993. His unique communication with dolphins has made him a legend in the cetacean world. Since 1992 he has worked with thousands of dolphins for scientific and study groups and many Oceanographic institutes worldwide and has also swam with whale sharks, Dugongs, Mantas rays, sea lions, humpback whales, blue whales and more.

Eric is an award-winning director of documentaries on the subject, is the author of various books on dolphins and cetaceans and shares his experience with a variety of scientific groups.

Eric Demay


Since he began studying classical clarinet at the age of ten, Didier learned to play almost every musical instrument and in 1992 graduated in musicology with the university of Paris. He then founded a recording studio in Paris and for twenty-five years now he has been composing, performing and recording music for theatre, cinema, television and commercials.

Didier Melay

Music Producer and musician


An ocean explorer and storyteller who works to motivate future generations to protect and respect our oceans.  He is an IUCN Oceans Ambassador, Fellow International of the Explorers Club and founder of The Watermen Project, an NPO dedicated to ocean conservation. A world record freediver, an accomplished photographer and filmmaker William spends his time traveling the world for exploration/conservation related projects and events, conferences and expeditions organised for The Watermen Project. He gives talks and teaches on topics ranging from risk and stress management to optimised breathing and breath-hold diving.
William broke countless world records including 90 meters using a pair of fins and 145 meters in the discipline - weighted sled down swim up on is own power.
He has has turned his unique diving skills and knowledge of sharks to provide direct environmental work by tagging, photographing, filming, tagging and taking tissue samples of various species of shark.

William Winram

Ocean Explorer

For more than 30 years, Jacques Rougerie, passionate about the sea and space, has based his research and achievements on a bionic architecture based on biomimicry and sustainable development. His forward-looking vision and taste for new technologies produce a better integration of habitat in the natural environment, especially marine. In this sense he draws his inspiration both from Leonardo da Vinci's legacy and from his faith in human genius.
With this in mind, he built centers of the sea, underwater museums, habitats and underwater laboratories, transparent hulls, and imagines major projects always related to the marine environment. He thus leads his two passions, the sea and the architecture. Experiencing his own achievements as a true explorer of the underwater world.
The diversity of achievements of cultural and scientific projects, museums, aquariums, sports facilities, airports, university buildings ... of multifunctional equipment and avant-garde urbanism, reveals the wealth of contemporary creativity that the agency of architecture Jacques Rougerie.

Jacques Rougerie


One of the world’s leading experts on the Sperm Whale. He was scientific advisor for Jacques Cousteau aboard the Calypso responsible for WWF France's "Fisheries Resources" department, diver, scientific advisor and co-writer of the film Oceans directed by Jacques Perrin co-founder of the Longitude 181 Nature association with Vincent Ohl whose objective is the protection of the marine environment and equitable sharing of its resources, based on the International Charter of the Responsible Diver.
He has written many books on ocean subjects his latest work, published in Actes Sud, Le retour de Moby Dick, or what sperm whales teach us about oceans and men received the Jacques Lacroix Prize for Literature and Philosophy from the French Academy in 2018.
He is a Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur (2017), offers a program of lectures for the general public, businesses and communities, to raise awareness of the importance of letting a place for wild life, essential to the development of Humanity

François Sarano

Scientific Advisor

Passionate about the protection of water in the oceans, rivers, canals including snow and all that is related, as well as sustainable economies. Giacomo’s expeditions are legendary.

Giacomo De Stefano

Eco adventurer

Rory Golden was the first Irish diver to visit the site of RMS TITANIC in August 2000 as a member of an expedition that recovered 800 artefacts from nearly 4,000 metres. In 2005, he was a member of a second expedition that was broadcast as a documentary, “A Journey to Remember”, on BBC. In 2013 he was a member of the Jeff Bezos Expeditions F-1 Engine Recovery Project which recovered Apollo F-1 rocket engines from 4200 metres in the North Atlantic, including the centre engine from Apollo 11. The team was awarded a Citation of Merit by the Explorers Club, of which he is a member.
Former MD of Virgin Records Ireland for 15 years, he founded his own company, Flagship Scubadiving. He has been involved in diving since 1976, as instructor, commercial diver, as well as P.R.O. for the Irish Underwater Council.     

Rory Golden

Diver, Speaker, Explorer

Founder and CEO of ‘My Drop in The Oceans,’ director of the Antinea Foundation and the ‘Changing Oceans Expedition.’

David French

Strategy Advisor

David has more than 25 years of experience organizing and leading expeditions, including three expeditions to explore the R.M.S. Titanic and the expeditions that found and recovered the Apollo F-1 engines used to launch men to the moon. He has served as a legal and operational advisor to several international organizations and as General Counsel to The Explorers Club and X-PRIZE Foundation.  He is a Fellow and former Vice President and Director of The Explorers Club, and a member of the Sea-Space Symposium.

David Concannon

Lawyer & Ocean Explorer

Samuel’s story is about a humble upbringing in rural Cameroon. Today, he is a distinguished leader in integrative strategic thinking, having given more than 100 international conferences on long-term geostrategic challenges and opportunities related to Africa’s oceans and seas in various high-level academic, business and military forums, including the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence (a French public institution under the direct responsibility of the French Prime Minister, that aims to impart high-level expertise and raise global awareness of military and civilian national security issues), the US Naval War College, the NATO, the UN and the International Seapower Symposium which is the largest gathering of maritime leaders in history.

He joined the African Union (AU) Commission in 2007, as a Strategic Planner within the AU’s Darfur Integrated Task Force (DITF). Realizing that maritime issues were not addressed in the quadrennial AU’s Strategic Plan, he initiated the development of the 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strategy (2050 AIM-Strategy) which was formally adopted on 31st January 2014 by the 22nd Ordinary Session of AU’s Assembly of Heads of State and Government (

Before joining the AU Commission, he was cumulatively working in the Capacity of Strategy Lecturer at the Command and Staff College in Yaoundé (Cameroon), as well as Projects Lead, at the Cameroon Navy Headquarters.

He is currently the Coordinator of the 2050 AIM-Strategy Task Force, a multidisciplinary team of international cross-sectoral maritime experts at the AU Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Samuel Kame-Domguia

Strategy Advisor

Martin is a Board Member at the Explorers Club in New York and is organizing the youngest scientific expedition to the North Pole (3-7 years) to advance young children's understanding of the arctic climate change while empowering them to drive changes by speaking to their peers around the world. He has been working for a UN Organization for the past 20 years on sustainable development issues and has participated in several expeditions to the Arctic documenting the underwater world in Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and Norway, including the Elysium Artists for the Arctic flagged expedition.

Martin Kraus


Dominika is sociologist and environmentalist with a strong passion for Ocean and marine life. She has 8-year experience in social research, evaluation and project management, both in governmental and non-profit sectors.  Currently finishing her second Master degree in environmental studies at University of Iceland, specializing in Ocean literacy and plastic pollution problem. Volunteering for APLM - Portuguese Partnership on Marine Litter. Together with Landvernd – Icelandic Environment Association, is developing Ocean education project for schools in Iceland. Founder of Oceans – Blue Heart of the Earth initiative.

Dominika Olga Skwarska

sociologist and environmentalist

Former Executive Director at Greenpeace France, General manager at TRANSITIONS, a consultancy firm providing strategic support on sustainable development to companies.    

Bruno Rebelle

Strategy Advisor

An economist with background in environmental and resource economics, management and development issues with a solid science policy interface expertise. Presently with the United Nations Environmental Program, based in Nairobi, coordinating UN’s program on natural capital accounting on areas where Oceans have a major role.

Dr Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

Lead Economic Advisor