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The World of Oceanic Research Brought to Life

The founders of Blue Ocean Watch have, for most of their working lives, been film makers. Their audiences have been informed by documentaries and made to laugh and cry by dramas. They are the storytellers of our society, and it is the storytellers who tell a society who they really are. They are the glue that binds communities together.
This, we realise now more than at any other time, is a huge responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. At this vitally important time of human existence on our planet, we feel passionately that the stories we tell now must make a difference.
Blue Ocean Watch “stories” are collated from our dedicated research vessels and our global research partners, that includes EurOcean, – The European Centre for information on Marine Science that represents seventeen research organizations based in ten European countries thus giving BOW unprecedented access to literally thousands of scientists and data from virtually every European research activity.
This forms the basis of an educational charter for we believe that the only way to successfully change the behaviour of mankind is through education. This message must be clear, engage everyone, and above all, it must be accessible globally free of charge. If you feel as we do, please join us in this mission.



The BOW Philosophy

Blue Ocean Watch began life as a rallying call to arms amongst a group of filmmakers and scientists who were united in a deep passion for engaging with and ultimately seeking ways to resolve the precipitous situation the planet’s oceans face due to decades of pollution, overfishing and dumping of waste.

BOW is a formally established non-profit association consisting of award-winning filmmakers and writers, vastly experienced sailors and explorers alongside world class research scientists in oceanography, marine biology, technology and education. All are seeking to create and support the BOW online platform which acts as the portal for oceanic and marine research to reach educational institutes and social media, to translate complicated scientific endeavours into understandable, actionable, accessible information. Due to the diversity of our contributors, the resources of scientific knowledge and data that we will accumulate over time will be unparalleled.

BOW is not simply a platform for distribution, but it will actively encourage and foster a dialogue and interaction with its audience, for example enabling university students to talk live with on-board scientists and also remotely operate probes and measuring instruments on the boats.


Our Objective

At no other times in man’s history have we been so well equipped to document and communicate our scientific observations, activities and findings. Blue Ocean Watch will take you beneath the waves to explore this special environment, this extraordinary world. Through the eyes of marine biologists, oceanographers, palaeontologists, and maritime biochemists, we will see this submarine world in a new way. Not alien, but familiar. Not hostile, but intrinsic to our survival. Historically, research scientists have mainly worked alone within their own agenda unable to benefit from a wider sharing of their results with other scientists – until now.


BOW’s goal is to research, produce and deliver engaging educational pathways from pre-school to postgraduate studies that will be delivered free of charge to any educational institution.

Our educational videos, documentary films and social media postings will cover every aspect of our ocean’s health.

We are a truly global organization with a growing fleet of sailing research vessels with onboard scientists, video production facilities below deck, underwater film teams, the latest technology including drones, ROVs, 360 degree and fluorescent detecting cameras.

There are other tremendous philanthropic and government sponsored projects creating amazing media material and scientific insights – we intend to partner with many of them – however, what is missing currently is a co-ordinated, dedicated organisation whose central aim is to take this material and provide an education-focused distribution platform for its dissemination truly worldwide and actively engaging with those who matter most in education, the teachers and their students. Science seems to have lost its identity of discovery through adventure, while cold sterile laboratories are not inspiring or engaging. We need to rekindle this spirit of adventure in science, to make children want to tune in to what’s happening. Sailing ships, free, under sail on the ocean, is as much a symbol of adventure as it is a marine research facility. It is the focus of our foundation, its identity, and it will inspire students to participate in our work. It will help make education active, living and exciting exploration instead of a passive assimilation of data. 


Green tech in operation

Everywhere the vessels dock will give occasions for scientific events, increasing awareness of our work. Students will be able to participate in research on board, bringing their studies to life in a life-changing experience. Our sailing vessels, as working facilities have minimal carbon footprints so our platform presents itself clearly as part of the solution and not a part of the problem. It showcases green tech in operation in the real world on a daily basis. Theory put into practice. The Blue Ocean Watch boats also afford us an unparalleled level of autonomy, where we can study what we want where we want without the possible constraints of another organisation’s agenda or the special interests of their funding stream.

 Blue Ocean Watch Video Channels